Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where did they all go?

At 9am, where did they all go? The sign on the school gate said that the entire school went on a field trip on the day that we were supposed to do the screening. That explains the sad faces on Candyce, Kellie, and Becky. Glad we checked a second time, as we read the date wrong. They were there after all, just a little tardy.  The children, ages 4-5 were very curious and attentive. We also invited parents to the 2-room school house to learn more about oral health and how to care for their child's and their own teeth. As this was Emma and Jeanie's special Spring Term project, each led the classroom presentation and we followed their agenda for that morning. We will be returning to this school on the week of May 17th to assess the result of their project. 

By 11am, we met Pedro (our driver) at his house for a La Pineta excursion. I wanted to introduce the students to the open market in this nearby village 20 minutes north of us, but it was also an important trek to purchase supplies for our upcoming clinic this Saturday and Sunday. We were able to find everything, except for pillows (for our beach chairs aka dental chairs). The chicas saw everything from live fish and shrimp to iguanas on the wall, to folks selling paletas (ice cream bars) and ceviche on carts, to colored chickadees (see picture) to colorful fruit and vegetable stands, to hot-piping cinnamon and sugar coated churros, as well as the proverbial silver jewelry, mexican blankets, and lucha libre masks. 

At 3pm, we made our way back to San Pancho to get ready for our oral health table presentation at the Plaza del Sol. There was going to be another Circus Carton presentation for the people and it was great opportunity for us to set up shop, pass out oral health pamphlets, and invite people to our upcoming clinics in the hospital and Entreamigos building. However, we couldn't pass up the chance to give out balloons and face paint the children. After all, it was going to be the Day of the Children the following day. The students studied "how to make animal balloons" on YouTube the night before. Fortunately, once we arrived at the plaza, a fellow named Alex came to our rescue. He KNEW how to make balloon animals. He was passing through San Pancho after a circus retreat in Mazatlan. He also lived in Victoria for 5 months so we had lots to talk about. How serendipitous!

It was around 9pm by the time everyone returned back to the Bungalows. The students said it was a full day but they had a great time. I am very pleased with how everyone has adjusted to their environs. Their adaptability, teamwork and organizational skills have been put to test many times and they are passing with flying colors. 

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  1. This looks like it was a brilliant time. I can say the weather there is much better then it has been here. Keep up the good work. You are all good ambassadors for the dental hygiene profession. Jacquie