Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome Dr. Grillo and company...

We started our last clinic sessions at EntreAmigos last Friday. EntreAmigos is a nonprofit community development organization which was established by Nicole Swedlow in 2006. Their mission is to provide learning opportunities for children and families in the area through implementation of education programs based on principles of integration and collective community action.

They were very generous in giving us the room and the necessary provisions to set up a temporary dental clinic in the building. Last Thursday evening, we set up our makeshift clinic to accommodate 5 primary dental hygiene unit, one area for overflow, and an area for Dr. Grillo to set up a dental chair.

As we have done two weekend clinic sessions already, we were becoming very adept in our set up strategies. It was very nice to be able to leave our supplies and equipment in place in a more secure setting than our set up at the hospital.

Last Friday, we were excited to finally meet our counterparts from Omak, Washington. It really did feel like we were old friends after so many conversations via email about this collaborative project. They made it through customs successfully albeit barely, as they needed more definitive documentation relating to the equipment and supplies that they are bringing in. Tired and exhausted from their long travel, we said our goodbyes for that evening after a quick meeting.

As of today, we have completed 33 more hours of dental hygiene clinic...and most of the students have been able to give local anaesthetic, with Dr. Grillo's guidance and observation. What a great addition he and his team have been to our group project. Dr. G and Jane, RDH have been great teachers to our students. They are so helpful and knowledgeable.

Two more clinic days before we part ways. As exhausted as we are, we are already feeling a bit sad that it is all coming to a close. It's been tremendous.

On the next entry I will upload images of our new dental clinic set up, as well as pictures of the second session of Oral Health presentation at EntreAmigos.  Hasta luego.

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