Thursday, May 6, 2010

Luche Libre FEVER!!!

Good times, good times.
Lucha Libre came to town last weekend. Lucky for us! Lucha Libre was first established in Mexico in the early 1900's as a freestyle wrestling show. The wrestlers would often always wear masks and are called Luchadors. They would travel from town to town and provide entertainment for the people. This time in San Pancho, it was no different. It cost about $4.00 to get in, a little less for the children. The people sat around an outdoor rink and cheered on their favorite wrestlers. At halftime, It didn't take much convincing for Candyce and Robin to get up on the ring to represent Canada. With masks on and a whole lotta courage, they were introduced by the referee as the Mysteriosa (the Mysterious One-Candyce) and the La Chica en el bestido (the woman with a dress-Robin). What can I say? The crowd loved them. Robin knocked Candyce off her feet and won the match! But true to Canadianism, they both hugged afterwards and declared each other the winner! HA! 

To the families and friends at home reading this, no one got hurt! (albeit I should have still asked them to sign liability waivers before they got on the rink!- sorry Thevi!) It was an experience of a lifetime for Candyce and Robin and we were glad to have witnessed it.  We felt privileged, grateful, and thrilled to be amongst the crowd. Many of us are bringing our own mask home. 

Wanna-be Luchadoras!!!

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