Friday, May 21, 2010

Today we pack....

Our flight to Calgary leaves @ 5pm today from Puerto Vallarta and we'll be in Victoria by 1pm tomorrow. Yesterday, the students took a well-deserved excursion/adventure tour 1.5 hour south from San Pancho while I spent most of the day tying loose ends and relaxing and spending time with Glades and family.

It's been another incredible journey, filled with lessons and revelations about ourselves and our surroundings, and a greater understanding and awareness of what service really means. We are leaving San Pancho with a little piece of our hearts behind. We've felt a deep connection with this pueblo and the people who live here. We know how much they appreciated our  presence and the work that we did but we are the richer for it for having been here and spending time with them.

We look forward to coming home and being with our loved ones once again. See you all soon.

Below is a picture of the beautiful sunset  yesterday....

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