Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Great Teamwork!

To Ada and all the students of the Mexico Field School,

It's impossible to put into words the effect this time with you and the patients of San Pancho had on each of us.  We were humbled to be part of your project and just add a little to what you were already doing.  We loved working with each of you, and can see you are becoming professionals that will contribute to the health of people wherever you are.  Your eagerness to learn inspired me in a way that I won't forget soon, and I hope the chance to work with Ada and other students in the future remains on the table.

The gratitude of the people touched us as well, and we're reminded of the privileges we take for granted all too often.  Many had teeth the dentist at the hospital couldn't fill simply because they have no supplies.  The local hospital has been out of basic filling material for over 4 months, and the resources to help the people simply don't exist.  Fortunately we helped a few, but there are so many more...

Ada, Jackie, and I had a remarkable meeting at the hospital with the sub-director  yesterday, and I left with an endorsed letter allowing me to volunteer there anytime and to bring donations into Mexico for that purpose.  I'm excited about the possibilities, which can only help the people here.  It's an opportunity I wouldn't have had without the collaboration with Ada and all of you.  Ada has developed an amazing project that is starting to influence the long-term wellness of people who would never know such benefits.  I hope I can continue to support and collaborate with her in the future.

So many more thoughts to process, but thank you to each of you.  If you ever need thoughts, perspective, or a little guidance on 'LA' (local anesthetic for the non-dental folks), please drop me a line.  I wish all of you the very best:  You've chosen a meaningful career full of possibilities.

Greg, Jane, Sherri, and Jackie

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  1. Melissa SchaeferMay 20, 2010 at 9:54 AM

    Congratulations to all of you on what sounds like the most successful Field School to date!What a fine example for all of us. Thank you!!