Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emma Posting......

Last week I said I was going to work on worrying less and that goal is still in place and going pretty good. It is refreshing to be providing care here because of the gratitude and appreciation we recieve from the people. They are so interested in learning about their oral health and willing to work to improve it. They really are amazing people that are so patient and happy. They wait hours to see us and sign up on waiting lists and when they do see us they sit patiently for up to 6 hours sometimes, enduring quite a lot of pain because we have not local anaeshetic and leave happy.  I also want to point out  their love for their families and their generosity. They do an extravagent mothers day celebration that begins with singing in the streets and ends with a festival in the evening, to show their moms how much they love and appreciate them, I think we could all learn a little something from the people of San Pancho :)

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  1. Remember to take these memories and learning experiences home with you. They leave quickly if you let them.