Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kellie reporting...

So we are all safely home and it didn't take long to adjust to life back at home.  I don't miss waking up to roosters or being bitten by the mosquito's that seemed to love me so much, but I will miss everything else.  I will miss the feeling we came to know of being welcomed into such a small tight knit community and people stopping to say hello as you walk through town.  Being home makes it blatantly apparent just how different our two cultures are. 
The people of San Pancho have taught me so much.  I've always been pretty easy going, but now I've learned to 'go with the flow' and that whatever happens, "it's no problem."  Something I didn't need reinforcement on was procrastination, which I'm already great at, because here they are famous for saying there's always tomorrow.  After spending time in San Pancho we realized why we didn't see a single client with elevated blood pressure.
In Mexico, clinically, I experienced plenty of tenacious calculus that I was beginning to think was tooth structure because it certainly wasn't going anywhere!  And, "if it's not changing, move on."  Clients like these provided me with my greatest learning experience.  I learned that the file and the ultrasonic are my two best friends.  Friends that I was not utilizing to their full potential back home.  Spending much more time than I was previously with the ultrasonic on each tooth surface with these difficult clients and lightening my grasp even further has greatly improved my ultrasonic end point.  Having completed clients such as these has worked wonders for my confidence as I feel I have the ability and problem solving skills to accomplish whatever lies ahead. 
I will miss the gratitude and patience of the people in Mexico and will never lose the life lessons I have taken from this experience.  I love 'San Pancho Life' and am excited to return next year to assist the following class however possible.  Adios

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