Sunday, May 16, 2010

Over 350 Mexican children later, ages 3-17...

In the last three weeks, we screened and applied fluoride varnish on the teeth of over 350 children/young adults in the 4 schools in San Pancho/Francisco community. It was an undertaking to organize the supplies and materials for each scheduled day, but we learned quickly how to overcome the challenges with each experience. Am attaching many of the photos of our school visits. Mexican children, like most children are full of curiosity and have an insatiable appetite for learning. They listened attentively to the presentations and answered correctly to the questions posed. The older children remembered our presentations from previous years and we were all pleased that they acknowledged the relationship between plaque, nutrition, and caries, albeit we seem to be fighting an uphill battle as sugar-laden snack vendors line the perimeter of the schools during recess.
There is talk about bringing "healthy living" within the school curriculum by next year. We are excited about that and asked how can we contribute to the project.

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