Sunday, May 11, 2014

Setting Up a Dental Hygiene Clinic in Mexico 101

Creating self-care packages
The juniors thought this would make a great picture. No worries, the truck was not moving!

Jenna and Dallas running errands using the hotel bikes.
More up close and personal.
Entreamigos assigned us this room which is also used for meetings and art presentations. Here, Danika and Maria were sweeping the cement floor before the set up. The beach chairs were loaned to us by a local restaurant. The other students were gathering crates for dental carts, empty containers for waste baskets, and folding chairs for dental chairs, etc.
Gathering supplies.
The clinic was put together in about two hours.
We're finished and ready for the next day!
Clean and dry area.
Dirty and wet area. Thanks KIA for the pressure cooker sterilizer idea. We purchased one and it's working great!

We are all ready to receive our first patients.
...and this is how we rolled!


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