Friday, May 23, 2014

Da' big kids!

A few days ago, we visited the three grades in the Secondaria school, teens ages 13-16. Out of 30 kids who agreed to be screened, 14 had caries. Many had questions relating to disease prevention, one student even asked about the oral health impact of tongue piercing. We also talked about smoking cessation, albeit none admitted to smoking at the moment. The students and I were happy to have made this connection with this age group. The teenage energy was no different from the kids back in Canada. Lots of enthusiasm and curiosity.

It's time to see the big kids!

We were poised to take them on. hahahaha!

The girls were very attentive. The boys were...well, they were boys! ;-)

A little show and tell.

How to floss 101.

They were getting it!

More one on one.

Never too many pictures of kids flossing!

Am I right?

Then it's time for screening and fluoride application.

Maria and Dallas doing their thing!

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