Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Orientation to hospital and schools

Yesterday, we met with the hospital directors, resident hospital dentist, and the school directors of the primary and middle school. The tour of the hospital provided by Dr. Ortega gave us all insight on the Mexican health care and how dental hygiene/dentistry is viewed in Mexico.

Flowers for Jenna's birthday.

 Put away the phones ladies! ;-)
Meeting with the host coordinator, Glades to discuss field school schedule.

On our way to the schools and hospital.

Waiting at the primary school gate.

 The school kids were excited to see our group!

 Confirming the schedule with Maestro Miguel.

Introductions and short Q and A with the school director.

 A meeting with the school director of the middle school.

The hospital tour with Dr. Ortega and Dr. Sonia.

Later that evening, we went to Sayulita to celebrate Jenna's birthday and found ourselves in the middle of a community activity.

The queen and her court were getting ready to be paraded throughout the town.

 Great end of the day with a birthday dinner for Jenna.


  1. Happy Late Birthday Jenna....and Hello to the rest of you ladies. Everything looks so beautiful.

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