Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 4 @ Entreamigos

The good work continues.
Short breaks were rare but welcomed. 
Alvina has been coming since 2007. One of our many success stories!
This is beautiful Alvina with Heather and Tami.
Giving love.
Thank you Connie for taking part in our clinic. Way to go Carla and Rachelle for making a difference. 
Senior Alfredo brought ceviche for us before Brittany and Siarra worked on him.
First ever dental hygiene appointment for the little one while mom and dad looked on.
Tami fell in love!
Our translators/interpreters were amazing help. Thank you July.
Waiting for fluoride varnish application. These chairs worked great!
Dallas was improving in leaps and bounds!
A rightie and a leftie working together made it interesting.
Olga brought her two sons with her. Maria, Jenny, Rachelle, and Jenna were the lucky students. Look at Javier's (plum shirt) smile and white teeth. He had rampant ECC when we first saw him in 2008.
Time to put things away. The end was near for these clinic sessions. 
We're bringing sexy back!
At this point, goofy-ness was setting in. The high-waisted mom pants are in, aren't they?
Everyone pitching in to put things back where we found them. Our temporary clinic is no more.
Fruit and vegetable crates and plastic baskets needed to be put away.
The chairs needed to be returned to the restaurant.
Team work! 
Almost done! Thank you Brittany, Carla, and Tami.
What's up, Dallas?
Ice cream fit the bill at the end of a long day.
Sharing a home-cooked meal.

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