Sunday, May 18, 2014

"All work and no play makes..." well, you know how the line goes...

Hidden beach inside the island...can only be reached by swimming under a cave. Isla Marietas was the excursion of the week. A 30 minute drive to Punta de Mita,  the students and I took a trek in a 12-seat passenger van to try out the waters of the Pacific Ocean and see the blue-footed booby. 

Sun and sea time!
Ready for boarding.

All aboard!

The seas were relatively calm for about 5 minutes into the trip!

Then it started to get a little more choppy!

Nice clear blue green ocean!

Oh hey, Dallas!

A train of dental hygienists to be.

Rachelle is ready! Jenna not so much.



Swam through a cave to get here.

A well-deserved day off.

"Wait for me", says Dallas.

Pretty spectacular !

Pretty private until the PV excursion people arrived. Darn.

Another view from another angle.

Heading back to the mainland.

May 15- last night in San Pancho for our seniors. Waiting for the sunset.

...when the turtle conservation folks came and released a few dozen turtles in the wild.

May 16- Left for Puerto Vallarta a day before we said our goodbyes to the senior team.
A sunset walk on the Malecon.
Dinner near the river.
A busy evening. Holiday season for the Mexican nationals.
There ain't no buskin' like this in Victoria.

The Cathedral in Old PV.
Hotel Catedral is where we stayed for the night.

A view from the second floor.

Waiting for our taxis.

Tami's last minute email check.

Last goodbye photo of the entire FS 2014 team.

As I write this, the senior team is now in Victoria likely studying for their national board examination. We wish them all the best and thank them for a job well done. Our work in San Pancho continues. Tomorrow, we go to Escuela del Mundo for oral health presentations and screening.

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