Sunday, May 11, 2014

After 3 days at the Entreamigos Community Center...

It takes teamwork, tenacity, a willingness to work hard, and a great sense of humour to get through the long clinic days. This group of students have that in spades. Thank you to all of them for great representatives of the Camosun College dental hygiene program.

We have just completed our third day of clinic and here are some pictures of what we have been doing.

We worked in tandem with interpreters always nearby.

The senior students served as great mentors to our junior students.

Beach chairs for our patients and child folding chair for our operators.

Jenny and Rachelle hard at work.

Britanny  and Carla looking like bonafide dental hygienists. (see below also)

We created a 6 unit dental hygiene clinic.

The students were happy to see the supernumerary teeth...yes,  adult dentition.
Carla displaying good creative ergonomics.
Jenny and Rachelle talking about post-care strategies with help from Sarah.

Rachelle, where are your glasses?

Jenny checking the appointment book with Glades.

The children came in droves on Friday afternoon and wanted to be seen by us.

Their curiosity about their oral health was wonderful to see.

No child was turned away. A screening and fluoride varnish application was given.

Jenna found an assistant.

Siarra sharpening, Jenna debriding, patient contemplating.
One of Jenny's and Heather's memorable patient. He returned for a second appointment and we still did not complete him.

Patients waiting to be seen.

All smiles after a hard day's work!
Way to go everyone.


  1. Looks like some great experiences so far.

  2. Great to hear from you, Jacquie. All is well here. ;-)

  3. Hola!
    Its great to see the pictures of all of the good work you are doing, and the smiles that go with it. Kudos to Ada for making it happen again:)
    P.S. I loved those supernumeraries!