Tuesday, May 6, 2014

San Pancho or bust

Left Victoria Sunday evening for an overnight in Vancouver. After a group meal at the local White Spot, everyone turned in early for our flight the next day.

It was an early morning wake up call on Monday but after 90 minutes of lining up for checking in 20 pieces of luggages to lining up to deposit our checked luggage to lining up to security checkpoint to lining up for immigration, we made it to our gate in time for the 6am departure to SFO then to PVR.

We made it to San Pancho, after a short delay at Mexico customs (had to explain the dental equipment and supplies), and a stop at the MEGA to pick up more supplies for the dental clinic and other provisions. We lost 1 piece of luggage but the airport folks promised to drive it to San Pancho today.

 Check in time!
 Boarding at YYJ

 3rd leg of our trip.
 United Airlines Flight #807
 Touchdown at PVR. It took 3 vehicles to pick us all up and 20+ pieces of luggage.
First Mexican meal at La Perla's.


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