Saturday, May 11, 2013

Post from Sarah...

Reflecting on our time working at the hospital,  I am once again very grateful to be part of this experience. I am pleased to feel that our dental hygiene services and oral health education are benefiting many individuals in the local area. My time at the hospital has helped me to further appreciate the profession of dental hygiene. This is thanks to my clients who have made me feel that I am making a difference in their lives. This personal reflection has helped me to further understand how important dental hygienists are in the prevention of oral disease; instructing children, teachers, caregivers and parents optimal oral self-care practices is a vital component in improving oral health and I am proud to take part in this project.
Although working at the hospital was at times quite challenging, it was without question an invaluable opportunity. Steps have been made in the direction of becoming a better clinician; I am for example, considerably more confident in my clinical abilities and this is a big personal accomplishment. I thank our clients, of all ages, for attending our clinic and helping me achieve this goal. In the end I left the hospital with a deeper respect for the profession of dental hygiene.

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