Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post from Sarah...

What a pleasant surprise; to say the least, San Pancho is a hidden gem. Filled with friendly residents, delicious foods and white sandy beaches... it's hard to truly feel homesick. After being in Mexico for one week,  Hotel Cielo Rojo is now referred to as "home" and I am beginning to recognize many of the local people. I love how the days blend together and time is less of a stressor. We refer to this as "Mexico time" but realistically this is how life should be lived; enjoying each moment to the fullest and appreciating the friends you are with. I am so grateful to take part in this unique experience and I still can't believe we will be in San Pancho for two and a half more weeks! I look forward to more laughs, more smiles and of course, more Spanish! Hasta luego mis amigos y amigas!

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  1. Enjoy this experience as it will go by very fast.....take away all you can learn from it :)