Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post from Alison...

San Pancho is perfect. It is beautiful and I could see myself getting used to this small town as my own. Everything so far has exceeded my expectations including the hotel, the locals, the culture, and of course the food! I have found it a little challenging adjusting to “Mexico Time” because every aspect of life in Canada is focused on being on time and achieving things in a timely fashion. They don’t worry about time here, if you are late then you are late and it’s not a big deal. I will need time to adjust but I definitely like the more relaxed change of pace.  We only had a few days of seeing patients in the hospital, but I have already seen more challenging cases in comparison to the types of patients that I have seen in Canada. I feel as though my clinical skills are improving rapidly. Overall, a great start to the field school and I cannot wait to continue to experience more! 

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  1. Continue to enjoy all your experiences at the field school. I also love to hear that you are seeing development in your skills, this will only continue. way to go!