Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Visiting the schools in San Pancho was a eye opening experience. There was a blend of different oral health statuses, the most noticeable difference was between the public school and Montessori school. Toothbrushing was a part of the classes daily routine at the Montessori school and the receptiveness of the kids reflected that. This is not to say that there weren't kids at the public school that were eager to brush and floss; one child told us through a translator that he was excited to be given a toothbrush because his father threw out his last one. What I took away from the school visits was the growing impact that the years of field school influence was beginning to have on the town. Older kids knew the educational information that we were presenting and were proud to answer questions that were being asked. There were clusters of kids that had significantly lower caries rates among the average child with caries present. I always came away from the school visits with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that at least one child I saw personally was interested in the oral health education we provided as a group.

Reflecting on our five days of clinic at Entreamigos, I don't have one distinct memorable moment. I see that time as a span of growth personally that built on the initial experiences I had at the hospital clinic. Returning each morning following a previous day of guidance by Ada, Melissa and Heather allowed me to apply the specifics I needed to fine tune in order to be more successful with each client. The condensed paperwork and less frequent checks by instructors forced me to be confident and in charge of the appointment; I was no longer apprehensive to proceed with care. My most significant achievement was the boost in confidence of identifying endpoint on each client. When an instructor was checking my debridement I no longer stood anxiously waiting to be told what I had missed. The other pattern of growth I experienced was the ability to be efficient with each stroke in order to complete clients in a shorter time as we continue to move towards private practice. Coming away from the Entreamigos experience having completed moderate clients in less than 4 hours was incredibly encouraging for the final weeks of the semester.

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