Friday, May 10, 2013

Post from Alison...

We have finished our time at the hospital and I am grateful for the experience it gave me. I was able to see clients with complex conditions I have never seen before and it enabled my clinical skills to improve rapidly. I also had the opportunity to see lighter clients to improve my speed to prepare me for private practice. Although the language barrier can be challenging, having Tanya there to help translate self-care instructions is very helpful. Each client is so appreciative of the care that we are providing and are very receptive to oral health education which makes me really pleased about the difference we are making in their lives. The hospital experience as a whole was eye opening and rewarding. It is unfortunate that the people of San Pancho do not have the resources that they so desperately need. Although the procedures are covered by their health care system and the resident dentists are keen to help their clients, most procedures are not performed because the dental clinic has minimal supplies and equipment. 

Overall, I grew greatly as a clinician with all the experience at our time at the hospital and really appreciate the grateful clients that I was able to provide care for. 

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