Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post from Kristy...

We finished at the hospital with a lot of sweat and a few tears (the good kind). It feels amazing to be apart of this field school. The appreciation from our clients, who are being offered free services they cannot access otherwise makes us emotional. I feel so proud of our work in this community. 

Yesterday Ada highlighted the importance and value of education. We can scale and root plane but it is what we leave behind that is important. For example I have experienced that clients with systemic diseases such as hepatitis have limited education on their disease. We were able to discuss the long term implications and the importance of leading a healthy life style. It was great to make the connection between oral health and overall health with our clients. They were so appreciative of the information we could give them. Ada says that our clients will be talking about what we  have done for them for a long time. That gratitude goes both ways.

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