Monday, May 20, 2013

Post from Alison...

We had the opportunity to visit three schools while in San Pancho. This was one of my favorite parts of the experience because they were just so cute! I enjoyed how receptive the children were to learning about oral health and most of them seemed enthusiastic. We did a short presentation to each class about basic oral care with the help of a translator and then completed screenings and applied fluoride for every child. The challenge for me was the language barrier but I always had Tanya, our Spanish speaking classmate, close at hand if I really needed help. I found it devastating how much decay we found during our screening and there was not a lot we could do to help them.

We spent five straight days in Entreamigos and it was exhausting but very rewarding. I enjoyed the challenges of completing clients in one appointment because we did not have additional appointments to book them in. This gave me inspiration to keep going when I was tired. All the clients were so grateful and it made it all worth it. One of my most memorable moments was with a client who had severe staining on his anterior teeth. I showed him with a mirror prior to removing it and then afterwards and I have never seen someone smile so big! He was so pleased and it made me feel good that I had made a positive difference in his life.

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