Friday, May 10, 2013

Post from Amy V.

Humbling and Inspiring; the two words that best describe the feelings I had leaving San Pancho's hospital on our last working day there. The local patients I saw exhibited overwhelming feelings of gratitude, making our contributions and connections in the community that much more meaningful and special to me. I felt humbled to say the least, as I was privileged to work on such unique and talented individuals. Although the working hours were quite long and exhausting, I feel that my clinical skills have already improved so much since week one! I was able to complete lighter classification clients in under 4 hours which was a rewarding accomplishment for both myself and my client as they would not have to return for more appointments which opened up more time for those on the wait-list. I felt inspired by how genuine and appreciative the people were; from nurses, dentists, staff, clients, and on-lookers, I always felt at home. Even though at times I felt that my contribution was small in the big scene if things, I left the hospital experience feeling that, although small, what we were doing was totally worth every minute and I wouldn't change my experience for anything :)
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