Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last day of clinic...

We found ourselves caught with mixed emotions on our last day of work.  The days were grueling...but very rewarding. We could not see everyone that came to our door, but happy to know that we've made a difference with those that came for our services. We did not want to stop, but we were also looking forward to seeing our friends and family again after 27 days of being away.

While others worked, some of us started to dismantle our clinic.

The lounge chairs aka dental chairs were now ready to be returned to the owners.

Alison putting away our ultrasonic equipment.
The vegan cafe at Entreamigos prepared pizza for everyone.

Still smiling....
Happy campers!

Heather D. from the class of 2007 joined us for all the days at Entreamigos and at the hospital.
Here they all are celebrating a job well done!

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