Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post from Devon...

This first 9 days in San Pancho, Mexico have been filled with personal realization. I recognize my natural personality as a planner who is uncomfortable with sudden change but the Mexico experience has really pushed me just beyond my comfort zone to where I have learned to adapt and relax. The two and a half days spent in the hospital clinic setting were filled with last minute cancellations, unexpected patients and impromptu screenings and I was forced to take a step back and accept the sudden changes in a calm manner. This is something I am not good at naturally but my experience in the hospital clinic changed something in me... enabling me to take change in stride. One of the other students here has said that in San Pancho nothing is finite until it is happening and I think those are wise and accurate words. I can come prepared but part of that is a willingness to change. Working with all of the happy and sincerely grateful patients that we have met so far have given me a new passion for dental hygiene as a future career I will love as it enables me to provide a real health change for so many clients. I anticipate the rest of this experience to continue to push me further and further as a clinician and a person. 


  1. An experience like this, as you can already tell, will help you develop strengths you didn't even know you had. Way to go!

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