Sunday, May 1, 2011

Una semana en San Pancho

One week has passed in San Pancho.

Meeting amazing and generous people....check.
Sunset on the beach...check.
Working on the most patient patients and their children...check.
Eating the freshest salsa this side of the border...check
Trying to study for national board exams...check.
Learning about and experiencing the Mexican culture...check.
Adapting all we've learned in clinic in the last year into 1 week...check.

Next week...schools!

Early in the morning before patients arrived (Sam is already working on hers). We stepped out in the back of Entreamigos to view the community garden.


Glades learning how to pick the herbs.

The master gardener showing Shannon tips on how to grow basil.

Krista's first patient today, Sergio.

Today was our last day at Entreamigos. Sam and Shannon breaking down our units.

....ultrasonics were disassembled

...while Krista was still working on her second client.

Ada getting an adjustment from Pablo...later he did the same to Krista, Sam, and Shannon. Nicel

The clinic is now shut down. Look at those sad faces.

We closed the place down. Everyone has left in preparation for the celebration of life event happening later on that day.

Walking home with the supplies that we'll need for the schools this Monday.

Later that evening, the ladies stopped by my casita to pick me up. We were invited to attend the celebration.

Blurry but I thought it captured the energy of the room. Here, the ladies are lining up to buy clay oven-baked pizza and  cervezas in honor of Gallo. Gallo used to own the pizzeria. Gallo also welcomed the 2010 field school participants last year at a nearby orchid farm that he was managing at that time, where he gave us a free tour. Many people from all walks of life came to the event to dance and talk and celebrate his contribution to their lives and community. A touching evening.

Someone painted a mural of Gallo on this wall two days before the event.

Today, we rest.

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  1. Hola Ladies,

    Love the pictures! Keep up the good work :) I am sad to hear about Gallo, he was truly a kind hearted man passionate about his beautiful orchid farm.

    Robin :)
    2010 Field Study Alumni