Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Krista reporting...

Last week while visiting the primaria school it was really neat to see how the kids remember the information from the presentations that they saw in previous years. They are so eager to learn and are excited when they find
out they have no cavities. Many of the children brush 3 times each day which is a huge commitment for a young child, and it really made me happy andproud when they would open their mouth and you see strong, healthy teeth. I really believe that each year the fieldschool happens that it makes a huge impact on the kids in the community. They know that someone cares and they otherwise might not get the chance to learn how to care for their teeth. The teachers at the school also realize that incorporating oral health into the curriculum is important and have started making an effort to include it all year long, not just when Camosun College is visiting. Most of the children had toothbrushes already but there was still some that did not, which demonstrates there is still an ongoing need in the community. Visiting the school and knowing there is decrease in caries each year is exciting and really made me realize how remarkable the entire program is. Our interpreter, Indira also commented on the change. She has seen it for herself over the last 5 years. Prevention is so much more realistic as many families cannot afford to visit the dentist and get cavities fixed. It was sad to see the children that did have a lot of cavities and it was
hard not to let my emotions show on my face. It was important so that the children are comfortable and do not feel embarrassed. Now when we walk past all the children in the town they smile and wave shyly every time, I guess we stick out a little bit ;)


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  2. Its very positive to see how the information is being retained and reinforced. Well done.