Friday, May 13, 2011

Spelt pancakes & canadian maple syrup....

Last weekend, Krista, Sam, and Shannon invited me, Glades and family, and Indira and family for a breakfast brunch at their bungalow serving a true Canadian breakfast. (all items 'sin' bacon and fruitas were brought from Canada). Thank you ladies for hosting and sharing a delicious meal. Buenisimo!

Krista prepping.

Shannon, Glades, Rio, and Gael having a moment. ;-)

Indira and Alan came too!

Digging in....

Indira introducing her son, Amauta to the ladies.
Buen provisio! Yummy pancakes & maple syrup, bacon (Sam loves bacon), and fruit salad.

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  1. The pancake looks wonderful...not so excited about the bacon:)