Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 3 in the Primaria school

Day 3: Today we would see three classrooms of Grades 5 and 6

Indira is a natural. She has been doing this with us for the last 5 years and talks from the heart. She knows the perio and caries process inside out and she mesmerizes the kids. I have learned to explain the process in Spanish by listening to her.

We gave each of the kids toothbrushes and spend time reviewing technique before we screened for caries and applied fluoride.

Would you like azul or verde? Shannon giving out toothbrushes.

Training Indira to apply fluoride was necessary as we needed help. 

Even the 'big' kids were just as attentive as the little ones.

By 9am, it was starting to get warm. We begin our day at 8am and finish between 1 and 2.

Here we are, reviewing brushing technique.

Sam was always all smiles. We didn't need our headlamps because it was pretty light in the dining area, compared to the classrooms.

Meet the Mexican Samantha and the Canadian Samantha.

Sorry about the wonky picture. Here's Krista doing a screening.

More of Indira applying fluoride. She only wanted to wear one glove - too wasteful. True enough. ;-)

Que bonita!!!

Right outside the principal's office. We were waiting to meet with all the teachers.

We asked Indira to explain what we did for the children in the last three days and that we are now seeing the improvement in their children's oral health. We also asked how feasible is it to incorporate proper nutrition, caries process, and periodontal process in their curriculum. The response was enthusiastic so that gave us hope. They have a new principal this year who valued the idea of our visit and our objective.

Each teacher received toothbrushes for themselves and their families. It was nice to be able to meet with them as a group. This was the first time that we were welcomed into the staff room for a meeting with all teachers. A real positive step.

Making our way home from another productive day.


  1. I can only imagine the warm temperatures you are all working in. That is a challenge on its own.

    Very positive to have an invitation into the staff lounge with the teachers. That shows how long it can take to build up trust. This is a great ongoing relationship that is benefiting this community.

    This last picture cracks me up.....really should the littlest of the group be carrying the biggest bag? Krista, you should invest in a smaller purse, that way you would not be stuck carrying all the gear :)

  2. Hi all,
    Loved reading your blog entries and getting a sense of all of the activities, learning and critical thinking taking place. Evidence that you are integrating and applying your knowledge and skills in the 'San Pancho' context - well done!!