Friday, May 13, 2011 Escuela del Mundo

Labelled toothbrushes for every child at the preschool area.

The little 5 year olds sat on shortened coconut tree trunks while we screened them.

Screening under the Bacea tree.

Little Enzo helping to retract his own lip for Samantha!

Happy Enzo!

We came just as the students were completing their midmorning snack 
which explains this toothbrushing session picture.

Waiting to be screened.

The preschoolers were also expected to wash their own plates and cups which they used for their midmorning snack. This outdoor faucet facilitated the cleaning very nicely.

Jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters hung on the children's area. Really?

This little one was apprehensive in the beginning. The maestra provided support by 
sitting beside her throughout the screening. It worked.

Shannon is becoming more adept at instructing oral hygiene techniques in Spanish. Muy bueno!

Waiting for their turn. 

Organic, Paper, Plastic, Aluminum, etc.

A short break before our preschool presentation.

In the meantime, mama chicken and her chicks roamed around the school. a circle with the preschoolers.

Krista and Shannon lead the discussion while Vero (a staff member) translated.

Naptime for at least one student in the middle of the presentation.

After our presentation, Erik and Salvador dropped by unexpectedly to show the children the Ahea monster ( a reptile rarely seen in these parts) before they let it go again in the jungle.

In another area of the school underneath the palapa, a music workshop is 
taking place for the Grade 1 and 2 children. He comes twice a week from Sayulita to teach music to the children.

Our basic screening kit. It was a bit breezy this day. The rocks help to secure our paper tray down.

Shannon has an audience of 1 while she is teaching 
another child how to brush.
A hibiscus flower for Krista. A gift from one of the students at Escuela del Mundo.

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