Friday, May 20, 2011

Sam reporting...

Collaborating with the dentist at the hospital, Dr. Pa-ul, was an exciting experience.  He is very interested in what we were doing and stayed around for a few days to complete some consults on some of our patients who presented with decay and periodontal problems. The dental clinic is furnished with two very old dental chairs, a portable x-ray unit from the 70's, a manual x-ray developer, a refrigerator to house some  restorative materials, and little else. The amount of dental supplies were sorely lacking.  Dr. Pa-ul mentioned that it is frustrating when a client is in need of treatment that he cannot provide because the materials are not available.  In this environment, all anyone can do is provide the best oral health care possible, with limited resources.  I have now come to fully realize the need for complete dental care in this community, and I feel that in the month that we were here, we have contributed to a portion of this goal.

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