Saturday, April 30, 2011

San Francisco General Hospital

This is a familiar background for those who have been following the field school over the years.
This picture was taken in front of the hospital.

Siked!!! (inside joke)

The always gracious, Dr. Ortega. He was the first person to receive us at 8am  this morning.
The director is away on holidays.

Glades, our host coordinator is making sure that communication between the new and only Spanish-speaking dentists, Dr. Paulo and Dr. Christian and our group is not lost in translation.

Dr. Paulo, yes... he's a dentist (age 24) gave us a tour of the hospital.

We didn't quite get to the new wing of the  hospital as the doors were locked. ;-(

On our way to get ready for clinic, but stopped to get fresh squeezed orange juice first.

One of our patients today, Elmina and her 7 month old baby girl.
This entire family was our patient pool today...minus  the little baby, Azul (little girl in the center) and the dog. ;-)

Walking home and out of our scrubs, Shannon found 'jackfruit'  almost ready for pickin'.

Will be back here tomorrow night as we were invited to attend a celebration of life event for one of
the members of this community who died recently.


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