Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tres dias en la clinica dental...

Third day of clinic. We are groovin' now. It dawned on me today how much quieter these last few clinics have been compared to the last two field schools. I had forgotten how noisy the vacuum cleaner (aka suction machine) was that we were using at that time. We are making do with the two portable suction machines while Shannon has been asking her clients to spit into a cup. The quieter times, however, bring forth a different kind of noise that we somehow managed to escape in previous years. Every now and again, the sound of shattering glass jars our senses. The Center is after all, a recycling area too. ;-)

Tomorrow @ 8am,  our host will take us to the hospital for our tour and to hopefully secure clinic dates in two weeks. Next week, we start our school visits.

Below are pictures from our clinic today. 

T'is early and the doors are closed.  Waiting....waiting....waiting....

Ahhh, here comes Shannon! Buenas dias....

Then there's Sam and Krista. Hola!

Coach at work....

Schedule for the week.

Can you say....nice posture? 
Kneeling....but a nice neutral position.

The patient  is obviously happy. Check out the "thumbs up!"

I took care of the drop-in kids. Sergio is 13.

Sam and Gilbert. CC

Shannon and  Tzipatzin.  

Albina and her children, Victor and Elmira. She has been receiving care from our clinic since 2007 and I would consider her one of our success stories.  She is so motivated and receptive to care and has made remarkable positive changes in her oral health. She has been passing this value on to her children and it is evident by their  good home care and low caries risk. 

Before she left, it was kisses and hugs to Krista (she was Krista's client) and to Sam , who worked on her daughter.

Off with the scrubs for the walk home...but first trying out a new food,  guamoche,
A gift from Tzipatzin, Shannon's patient.

Till next time....buenas noches!


  1. Buenas dias! I remember Albina!! - its wonderful that you are now able to see some of the long term positive impact of the Field School. Congratulations and well done!!

  2. Thanks Missy! Yeah, you would have been so proud of what she is doing for herself and her family. Good on you for remembering. She showed up on our first day to sign up. That showed initiative and motivation. She said her mouth no longer hurts and she doesn't feel any more movements on her teeth. You should see the condition of her tissues. (tight and pink and managing to control plaque buildup on her deep pockets). So wonderful to see. Do you remember Tzipatzin and Ocatole and Anne Mortifee?

  3. Unfortunately we didn't teach you the kneeling posture at school, but it looks like you picked it up quite quickly :)

  4. This is one of the greatest experience a professional would always have in the dental or any medical field. Patients would not look at you as doing your work but taking care of their health. They are more attached than any "customer" in other industries.

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