Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are we really here?

Leaving Victoria @ 655am. Taken in front of Westjet counter.

Aisle seat for Shannon. Yay!...but window seat for Sam? Not! The attendants moved them to a completely different row  to make sure Sam gets to see outside! ;-)

First night at San Pancho. Dinner @ La Perla's

Oops...this should have been on the next entry. We just finished with a clinic set-up here.

The following pictures are of the little tour that I took the ladies on, featuring the local park and Calle Asia)


  1. So awesome guys!!! Can't believe you are actually THERE! Have tons of fun xox Rebecca

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for the note. Keep it coming. We love hearing from home. We did our third clinic day today and it's been fun. We saw primarily Class 3 clients. Sam and Shannon has seen Class 4s. Krista's first client provided a great learning experience, especially with ultrasonic practice.

    Enjoy your spring break!