Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 1 Reflections

Our first week in San Pancho has been a week of exploring the town, adapting to the culture and eating yummy food. We decided to participate in the field school because we were both intrigued by the idea of making a difference in a small community, learning about another culture and gaining new life experiences. 

Our first impression of San Pancho was that it is a small community full of warm people. It was also very welcoming and safe. We have met many friendly locals despite the language barrier. There is a beautiful beach and the sunsets are unreal. We are most looking forward to being in the clinical setting and feeling the satisfaction of helping people in need of oral care. We are also excited to work with all the kids and learn how to adapt to our new environment. As a result of these new life experiences we hope to grow to become successful dental professionals. 

A few things we enjoyed about San Pancho so far are seeing the variety of cute dogs running around, having a few days to relax and settle in to our new life style for the next month and taking in this new experience. One difficulty we have struggled with is the language barrier when working with the children and how to hold a conversation with the locals. Overall, we have had an amazing first few days here in Mexico and we continue to look forward to the remainder of our Paige and Mackenzie 

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