Thursday, May 19, 2016

Reflections by Brett...

The time spent down in San Pancho just flew by and each day was met with a whirlwind of emotions. Overall the experience was incredible and so valuable. The time spent in clinic has definitely helped my clinical skills and confidence. Putting ourselves in that setting made for long, hard, and hot days, but as the days went on we could see improvements in our own skills, even in the short time that we were there. I was so touched by  the appreciation of the patients we helped. It was great to know that we were able to reach over 90 adults in those short number of days.

For me one of the highlights of the trip was working with the children in both the kindergarten and primary schools. Their smiles bring so much joy and you could see how much they valued us being there by their attention and engagement during our presentations. It was nice to get to know them in the setting at the school and then running into them around town afterwards, with them pointing and saying “dentista” to us as we walked by.

My expectations of the course were definitely met, and surpassed. I would highly recommend the field school to any future students and am so thankful that I was presented with the opportunity to participate this year. I will be able to carry the clinical skills that I acquired with me and it will hopefully help ease the transition into private practice.

Thanks again to Ada for making this all possible, and everyone else involved with the project, including the wonderful translators and people in the community of San Pancho....Brett

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