Thursday, May 19, 2016

The last three days of clinic...

Each year, the dental hygiene clinics provide the greatest challenge for our students...the makeshift conditions, the heat, the severity of our patients' conditions, the limited resources all demand our greatest efforts. Yet, the students all rise to the occasion. We are very proud of all them for their tenacity, teamwork, and attitude. We saw almost 100 patients in 6 long days. Thanks to the extra help provided by our second dental hygiene faculty, Tika Brown and CDA faculty, Shelley Melissa. It went as well as it did because of their unwavering support and assistance.

Tika and Shelley's regular morning walk to our clinic.

Ready to go for another long day!

Brett and her little patient. We also screened children and provided fluoride treatments
while their parent(s) receive DH care. The Canada stickers were a hit. Thanks to Brett!

Plenty of opportunity to coach and assist, with Tika and Shelley's help.
The teaming of a junior and senior student was very helpful. The seniors were great mentors!

Same baby, different Camosunite. Her Dad had to return for a second appointment!

Sharp instruments are paramount! Way to go, Allison!

Brett agrees!

A water spray bottle and a big fan! Yes!!!
The clinic was busy from 9-6pm daily!...even though last appointment was at 3pm.

Students signed  up when they needed "checks". Thank you Serena for the artwork!
Emily and Serena worked on this wonderful couple for a combined 7 hours!

The cafe in the community centre provided great lunch.

Tired but happy campers!

Back to work!

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  1. Thanks for keeping the posting up. As Emily's Dad I have really enjoyed following along with the trip.

    Safe travels home. I'm sure it will be hard to leave and get back to the realities of home but life goes on and it's soon time for all the new hygienists to find work and carry on.

    1. Hello Phil, Thank you for your comment and for following our blog. Your daughter, Emily was a great member of our team and we all appreciated her efforts and attitude. She wasn't ready to go home which speaks well of her experience here. I look forward to hearing all about her future practice. All the best, Ada.