Sunday, May 22, 2016

A visit with Erik Saracho of Alianza Jaguar, A.C. and Group Dinner!

Thank you, Erik for your very interesting presentation about the conservation efforts of this organization. There are only about 4000 jaguars in Mexico and 200 are found in the Nayarit area. The jaguars are known as water keepers and have a special role to play in the balance of the ecosystem. Note that the name jaguar has "agua" within it. Water is life and the association's objective is to not only protect the remaining species in the area, but to educate the public, including hunters about this beautiful animal. If you want to find out more about this association, go to 

Last Wednesday, one graduate and two of the faculty members returned to Victoria to resume work commitments. We took the opportunity to gather together to celebrate their efforts and participation in another successful field school. We met, along with our host, Glades Perreras, interpreters, presenters, and anyone who was involved in the Proyecto Sonrisa (Smile Project).

Ceviche and guacamole was a popular item on the menu and it was had by all.

Allison and Mackenzie speaking about their experience and thanking the group! Well done!

A walk home is not the same, unless we stopped at the ice cream shop. Lemon Pie is a new favourite!

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