Sunday, May 15, 2016

6 ultrasonic units, 6 portable suctions, 6 fans, and 1 outlet. No problem.

Here we go, ladies! The challenge is on...

Education is key. Glades, translating.

Tika, invaluable co-teacher.

Nice posture, Alysha.

Laura and Kyla had their client's attention.

Serena and Tracy- showing what teamwork is all about.

Paige- trying very hard to speak Spanish. ;-)

The sports room at the local community centre provided us great space to work.

Emily and Jessica hard at work.

"Whoa, what do you think this is?" says Mackenzie to Allison.
Save your knees, Serena!!!

Mackenzie at our "dirty" area.

Kyla getting a chance to work on her clinical skills. She's ready for next year!

Great assisting, Laura!

Child chair as our operator chair. We gotta use what we have and this is what we have.

Serena and Mackenzie:  come's lunchtime! Finish up already. ;-)

Ada helping Jess out.

Patient was very happy to be completed! Well done, Kyla and Laura!

Children loved our Camosun Ram!

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