Friday, May 20, 2016

Musings by Alysha and Serena

Prior to this trip, we knew for certain the inevitable challenge would be the environment and working conditions. Our pop-up clinic is not quite what we are used to as it involves awkward and ergonomically unsound positioning for several periods at a time. Not only is it physically demanding (enduring heat and humidity), but this clinical experience was also emotionally and mentally challenging. We were so grateful for the unbelievable teamwork exhibited by everyone which enabled the clinic days to run smoothly and successfully. Communication was a central piece: we were able to deliver clinical information through the use of translators for the language barriers. But we feel that our sincere efforts and care for the well-being of the locals came through through with the best use of our non-verbal communication skills. Working against the clock but trying to get all of our work to completion really put our skills to the test. The services we provided were no doubt tough but every minute spent was fulfilling. We appreciated all the incredible people of San Pancho and their phenomenal gratitude and patience.

- Alysha & Serena

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