Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 1 Reflections

We chose to come on the field school because we feel its important to give access to care, and we feel this experience will broaden our skills, push us out of our comfort zones, and help us grow as individuals and professionals. We also feel that working in an unfamiliar setting will help prepare us to work efficiently in situations where we may not have the equipment we are used to working with. We hope to implement the skills and knowledge we learn through this experience in our future careers and continue to travel and provide care to those in need. Our first impression of San Pancho is that it's a quaint, friendly place with a “small town” feeling, which is a nice change from our own experience and from some tourists seek to experience in Mexico (stay in a resort setting.) The town and the locals made us feel welcomed and safe. We are always greeted by friendly smiles and the scenery is beautiful. We were surprised to see the contrast between buildings that were literally side by side, as some are grand and elegant and others are small and run down. We are all looking forward to helping at the schools and providing care to the children. Our hope is that we leave feeling like we made a difference for the people of San Emily, Laura, and Tracy.

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  1. Sounds like everyone is enjoying the trip so far. Aren't the little ones cute. Stay cool and have fun.

    Love from back home.