Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 1 reflections

We chose to come to the field school because we felt that it was a good way to make a small difference to a community with limited access to care. It is also going to feel very rewarding to reorient dental hygiene services to circumstances we may not have at home.

Our first impression of San Pancho, Mexico was that we really felt as if we were "among friends". The community felt welcoming, close, and very family oriented. The town is small and humble but incredibly beautiful and inviting. We are not only surrounded by vibrant architecture and nature but also by the inhabitants of San Pancho.

We are looking forward to spending valuable time with the primary school children and hoping to positively impact their oral health values and first impressions of oral health professionals. We also look forward to meeting the members of the community that have been patients for 9 years and new patients at our clinic that need our services desperately. In addition, we hope to grow as clinicians and form strong relationships despite the language barriers.

We anticipate long tiring days but fun and exciting opportunities to build rapport with our colleagues and our Serena and Alysha.

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