Monday, May 14, 2012

A post from Michelle...

Upon reflecting on my time spent so far in San Pancho, I feel that my skills have improved significantly over the weeks that I have spent here. We have been immersed in clinical practice for the majority of long appointments during our long days at the hospital and the community center. This has been a rare and rewarding opportunity to receive a great deal of coaching, and to be able to apply new skills immediately has been extremely beneficial for me. The first time I realized what a fabulous opportunity this field school is, and that it was the right decision for me to have taken part in it was when I completed a class 3-2 client in 4 hours. The jump from taking up to 6 appointments to finish a moderate to difficult client, to finishing one in less than half that time was a major confidence booster. 

Although I have found the time limitations that Ada has placed on us to be very challenging, I am really proud of myself for managing to keep up with them. When I compare the hours I might be spending completing a single client at home and the schedule that we need to conform to here in Mexico, I am glad that I came because I think it is helping me to be more prepared for private practice settings. Aside from the skill improvements I have been able to gain, I believe that seeing how in need some of the locals are here in San Pancho reinforces that I have made the right decision to participate as well. Although in our clinic back home we do see people in need, we have seen some very complex cases here and since these people have much less access to care, I feel really good about being able to spend my time and energy here where it is clearly needed. Our patients have all been so grateful, and it is so rewarding to be able to feel as though you are making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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