Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little respite from the school activities...

The open market at La Penita, Nayarit is always a must-see/must-do activity for our field school students. Last Thursday, we rented a taxi van and headed 20 minutes north. We practiced our bargaining skills while we purchased souvenirs and gifts for families, friends, and ourselves. It was also an opportunity to purchase supplies for an upcoming clinic that are otherwise hard to find in San Pancho and to stop at the local bank to get cash.

The following day was Children's Day. After a school presentation at Escuela del Mundo in the morning, the students watched a local children's vaudeville show, painted children's faces at the community center, and attended a children's orchestra at the local elementary grounds. Close your eyes and imagine for a minute the sound of classical music outdoors competing with the sounds of children playing in the park nearby, dogs barking, trucks from the highway grinding their way up the hill, purveyors of commercial goods shouting their wares from gas for your home to fresh shrimp from the ocean,  then open them and see children ages 5-16 playing ever so proudly their clarinets or french horns or cellos or violins seating on colorfully painted chairs amidst the overgrown mango trees. This is Mexico.


  1. Hola mi amigos!

    Yay! for another year of great Dental Hygiene student in San Pancho. Also, you couldn't be with a better instructor then mama Ada. I look forward to seeing more pictures and reading your blogs.

    Best of luck and on going good health in your weeks to come. Congrats on keeping this program alive, it truly is such an amazing adventure so enjoy every moment.

    Robin O'Brien
    aka Rubin the legend! hah!

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