Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last activity of the field school. Oral health presentations and caries screening at the Escuela de la Primaria

Yesterday, we saw 98 children for our second visit at the Escuela de la Primaria. Of the 98 children, 39 exhibited caries, largely on their primary teeth. Each year, we are seeing improvement in oral health status in the children population as well. In 2007 (the first year of the field school), almost all of the children that we screened had decay. This year, only 40% of this population group showed signs. What was also clearly evident was their cognitive understanding of how to prevent caries. They practically knew our presentation by heart, having seen it for the last 5 years! ;-)

We waited outside the school gates as there were award presentations that morning.

A view from across the street. Michelle was feeling a little unwell this morning so she decided to sit down until we were ready. She was back to normal at the end of our presentations.

This is a grade 4 class. While the four students set up the screening kits, Meryl held up the presentation booklet for our presenter.

A few of the Grade 5 students joined us for a group photo at the end of our session at this school.

Taking care of paperwork at the end of the day. Such focus inspite of the surroundings!  ;-)
According to Leandra, "best one-on-one debriefing ever!"  How can we do this back home?


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