Monday, May 14, 2012

50+ clinical hours at EntreAmigos Community Center

Unlike the very first field school, this year we saw a greater variety of “patient types” in our clinic, ranging from simple to very complex. We saw this as a positive change, as that meant that many of our returning patients have shown improvement in their oral health status. We also saw an exponential jump in the number of young adults lining up to take up any available chair. Was this coincidental or was it a case of increased awareness and valuing of oral health? Whatever the reason may be, we were more than happy to accommodate as many as we can.

The clinic sessions provided good learning for our students. They were able to hone their instrumentation skills on the more “difficult” patients, as well as their time-management on the simpler ones.  Additionally, they learned to adapt to the challenges of working in an environment that was ergonomically difficult accompanied by soaring afternoon temperatures. In the end, they showed their true mettle and forged on. Each day was exhausting, but emotionally satisfying. Each day we all learned something new that we will take back with us and each day we found that progress comes in waves. Overall, everyone is most impressed with our students work ethic, compassion, dedication, and good humor. Camosun should be proud!

Today, we start our last week in San Pancho with commitments for one more clinic day at Entreamigos, presentations at two day-care centers, and the primary school.

Set up time. We used whatever resources were available to us. The HUGE spider that jumped out of one of  the plastic chairs during the set-up scared Michelle enough for her to leave the building until we were able to "take care" of the scary arachnoid.

Michelle recovered. Here she is still red-faced helping Meryl out setting up one of the tables.

With Glades help, we did it. We are ready for our 5 days of clinic. 
The "Smile Project" is one of the activities at  Entreamigos in the month of May.

A new puppy!

A new baby!
Nutrition break. Our host coordinator does it all.

While waiting for mama, she fell asleep.

Lunch break!

Tania and Meryl. Rie: I took this picture for you! Tania is now 10 years old and doing very well. 

Closing time. We were responsible to make sure everything is locked up as we were always the last ones there.

Well, at least Leandra's back is straight! 

Get out of that position quick, Coreen!

Yes, you have to complete your paperwork, Leandra!

At the end of another day. Everyone was still in good spirits! Work it, Meryl!
Yoga pose by Leandra. Fashion pose by Michelle and Katie. Just take the picture already pose by Meryl and Coreen.
Sterilization center. 

We lost many.
One of the many young children that came in on their own accord wanting to be seen.
Coal miners? No. Charlie's Angels? No. It's Meryl and Katie ready to start another day.

Michelle found the smallest chair in the building and made it work.

Had to join in on the fun!

It is 7pm Saturday night and the last of our 5 day session at Entreamigos! Well done, Camosunites!

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