Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome to our blog! 

This is our first post of the  year and we welcome your comments and feedback.

It all began at the end of Year 1 spring term 2009.  A meeting was held to see how many students would be interested in applying for the field school in Spring 2010. There were 16 students who showed up in Room 015 Dental.

At the beginning of the Fall term 2009, an orientation meeting was led by Thevi Pather and Sarah Ritcey of the International Education Department to further inform interested students about field school expectations and the requirements for successful admission.

By February 2010, 10 applicants have been accepted to participate in the San Francisco/San Pancho field school. 

Since then, preparations have been underway to ensure that;
  1. Grades and clinical skills are maintained
  2. Spring term projects are established.
  3. Request for donations are distributed.
  4. Equipment and supplies are established and ordered.
  5. Communications to Mexico is consistent.
  6. Flights and accommodations are reserved.
  7. Travel, vaccination requirements are completed.
  8. Regular meetings with students are scheduled.
  9. Momentum and positive spirit is continued...... 
This year, we look forward to having Dr. Greg Grillo and his staff join us in the latter half of the field school. They are coming from Omak, Washington.  Greg heard about our "smile project" while vacationing in the San Francisco area. He contacted Nicole Swedlow, owner of Entreamigos (a non-profit organization in San Pancho) who forwarded his email to my sister, Glades Huizar (director of Escuela del Mundo school) who in turn emailed me Dr. Grillo's e-address. We have been in communication for a couple of months now and we've been very pleased with his enthusiasm and support of our project.  We're excited to see him and his staff in mid-May.

We leave for Puerto Vallarta via Calgary on April 22nd, arriving in PV at 8pm. We drive north for about an hour to San Pancho to Roberto's Bungalows, where the students will be staying. I  will be staying in an apartment above a local resident's home.

Our next field school meeting will be Thursday, April 8th. Will keep you posted, of course.

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  1. What a great idea to have a blog..hope this is an amazing experience again this year..good luck to all. We are proud to have you represent Camosun Dental Hygiene