Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Class, posters, and eats...

The days go by quickly as there is much planning to do, re-do, re-arrange, and revise. We are quickly getting accustomed to the idea that manana does not necessarily mean tomorrow, and that what it really means is that, "it ain't going to happen today." The days are filled with just the right amount of work and rest for all of us. The heat slows everything down, right down to our gait, as we walk about town (our only means of transport). The pictures are of us doing a 2-hour session to review for the national boards. The focus that day was on principles and issues in dental hygiene and fluorides. Emma did not like that she didn't know all the answers. Imagine that? ;-) We also made spanish posters and pamphlets to post around town. I did not have to do much double-checking to see if the words were correct. The students were pretty right-on with the copying of the translation. This provided an excellent way to increase our visibility and to interact with the locals to talk about what we were doing. We also arranged a meet and greet with some of the bilingual people who will be helping us in the schools and in the clinic. The 10-month old that I am holding (Sophia) is the daughter of one of our interpreters. Today, we visited the hospital and interacted with the doctors and the other personnel there. It was great to be able to share what we will be doing there this coming weekend.  More pics to come of that day. Ciao for now.


  1. Hello,
    Love the updates and the photos - makes me want to fly down and join you. I can feel the heat, the slow pace, and I can hear the roosters! Sounds like you are taking flexibility and adpatability to new levels - Ada is an expert in this regard!
    Adios till next time!

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