Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Candyce Reporting...

Well it's been a busy week, oh how it's flown by like a summer breeze!!!  We have completely utilized our time here, relaxing, swimming, and socializing with the locals.  We have met many people already and are establishing friendships along the way!! We are working with a local group that is putting on a cardboard circus.  It is nothing as I imagine it to be.  The people here are really into recycling and I only hope that we become that conscious of our wastes.  They build beautiful art out of old electrical wires, pop bottles, and even car bumpers.  It's amazing how far a little creativity will take you!!!  Everyone is mellowing into mexico time, which is a much slower pace, I do love this!!!  Our instructors may need to be kind about punctuality when we get back to school;-)  I am really looking forward to start working at the hospital this weekend and meeting more of the local community.

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