Monday, April 26, 2010

Kellie reporting...

Hi everyone!  First of all we're having the most amazing time 'aclimatizing' ourselves into this very welcoming community.  The people are so friendly.  We are definitely noticing the differences of being in a small tight knit village.  Our internet has been down at our bungalow since last night and we are feeling a little deprived and unconnected, so I'm going to report on yesterday...  We went on a snorkel tour of the Mariettas Islands to soak up some of the surrounding elements.  We saw dolphins, a mantaray, a baby stingray, many many tropical fish and 'blue footed boobies' (birds indigenous to the islands with blue feet).  We ate lunch on a private beach that you can only get to by swimming through a cave... amazing to say the least.  Until next time.... adios!

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